Tree Trimming

Our most popular service is tree trimming. Tree trimming is an important task to be performed on trees to keep them from over growing and damaging property. If your trees are growing out of control call today and set up an appointment for tree trimming. Trees should be trimmed about once annually or as necessary for a few tree species. Trees do not control where they grow and that is where we come in to make sure they are kept in check. If your tree is damaging your roof, hitting power lines, or growing into areas you do not want them, do not postpone and give us a call today!

Tree Pruning

Not to be confused with tree trimming, tree pruning is done when the tree is still young to make strategic cuts in order to get the tree to grow in the direction and fashion that you want it to.  It is important to make sure your tree is pruned at a young age so be sure to have your tree pruned early in its development. Make no mistake, tree pruning is completely healthy for your tree and our professionals can have your tree growing the way you want it to. However, make sure to not prune your tree yourself, because in order to receive the desired growth effect, a certified arborist is needed, and if done incorrectly, the cuts could damage the tree. Call us today to have your tree pruned and looking great not just tomorrow, but years down the road!

Tree Removal

Cutting down trees is something that has to be done extremely carefully! In the process of removing trees limbs, the tree itself can fall and damage property or seriously injure someone. Storms, trees dying, and other events can result in the need for tree removal, so do not be afraid to give Local Tree Service Pros a call today!

Stump Removal and Grinding

In addition to our tree removal services, stump grinding and removal must also be done when a tree is cut down.  Trees are usually cut down several feet above the base, leaving an unsightly stump behind. USA Tree Service Pros has special equipment to remove the stump from your property so you do not have to worry about the unwanted remains of your long gone tree. USA Tree Service Pros also has equipment to grind the roots in the ground so you can plant grass, flowers, or even another tree. Stump removal and grinding can be very dangerous if not done properly by qualified professionals. Call USA Tree Service Pros today to have the remains of an old tree removed to enrich your property. We have the lowest and most competitive prices in the industry.